Who is Bill Sipper?


There are two aspects of the beverage industry. There are long existing beverage companies and then there are the smaller upstarts. Bill Sipper, or William Sipper is one of those veteran executives that has been very active on the start up beverage scene.

Bill Sipper got his start in the beverage industry at a young age. Watching his father manage beverage distributors and eventually becoming an integral part of an online beverage retailer sparked Bill’s love for everything Beverage. Since the beginning of Bill’s career he has been an innovator and a leader. Bringing beverages like Evian Natural Spring Water to the US market he has cemented his pivotal role in recurring innovation in the beverage market.

Bill Sipper did not stop there with Evian. He later went on to successfully grow the first east coast bottled smoothie company, Fresh Samantha to point where it merged with Odwalla and was acquired by Coca-Cola Inc. As director of National Sales at Nantucket Nectars Bill became their 13th employee and helped propel the brand to new heights eventually selling first to Ocean Spray and then again to Dr. Pepper Snapple Group. He went onto become Vice President of Marketing at Ultimate Juice Company which owned brands like Naked Juice, Zeigler’s Apple Cider, and Saratoga Water.

Since these great accomplishments William Sipper has been quoted in such important publications such as The New York Times, Barron’s, Fast Company, Crains, and Playboy. He is also a frequent contributor to popular industry publications BevNet.com and Beverage Spectrum Magazine. He was a guest lecturer at the Columbia School of Business.

William Sipper loves to give back. Robert F. Kennedy started a beverage foundation called Tear of the Clouds in 1998. In September of 1999 William Sipper became the beverage foundation President and CEO and served until February 2001. During this time William Sipper was responsible for all aspects of the foundation.

Now William Sipper is a managing partner of one of the leading consumer beverage consulting companies in the world.